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a confidential service to receive medical advice or a second opinion online without having to visit the doctor in person.


If you are having any neurological issues, you can receive medical advice from an expert in the field of neurology.


Dr. Aubrey Lieberman has been in private

practice since 1977 with extensive knowledge and experience.


You can learn more about Dr. Lieberman’s credentials and training here. By completing the simple 2 step process, you will be able to receive medical advice on your condition from Dr. Lieberman directly. He will review your health history, your current symptoms, and any tests you have had.

 With his extensive knowledge in the field
 of neurology, he will be able to provide you with:

 •  What commonly happens based on

 your diagnosis;

 •  Provide you with treatment

options that you can implement with your

own physician

 •  Be a sounding board or second opinion

    based on what you have already received

    from your physician

 •  Outline research data to support the doctor's

    Online Medical Advice, findings and



Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us

at Virtual Medical Consultations. You can feel

completely comfortable that your health

information is treated according to the HIPAA

guidelines set forth by the Federal government.


In addition, none of your data is shared with

anyone inside or outside of our organization.




to a confidential

second opinion



Dr. Lieberman provides

virtual medical

consultations to

patients located in

the Commonwealth of Massachusetts only.

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Dr. Lieberman does not provide in-person or real time medical consultations through this web site.  This web site is for virtual medical consultations only.  In addition, Dr. Lieberman provides virtual medical consultations only to patients located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts only.  Please review the Terms of Use prior to using this web site or our services.

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